Autism: Let's not forget the parents! (onder auspiciën van Raeger autismecentrum)

In Autism: Let’s not forget the parents!, parents of children with autism recount their experiences. In their stories, they are open and honest regarding how the diagnosis of “autism” affects them and their (sometimes difficult) search to find the best help for their child. Also discussed is how Raeger’s care impacts their child’s development. In addition, parents share what they see moving forward for their child with autism and the culmination of care after Raeger.
Autism: Let's not forget the parents! (onder auspiciën van Raeger autismecentrum)


The stories of experience in this book help to show other parents of children with autism that they are not alone in their search as they struggle to find placement and the perfect fit for their child regarding schooling, treatment, and care. The insight provided through the personal stories give hope and encouragement, with a look at an international community of parents facing the same challenges. People who have little or no exposure to autism will gain insight into what it is like to live with children with autism, increasing understanding about this developmental disorder.

Autism: Let’s not forget the parents! is a serious contribution to the conversation about (dealing with) autism, with an engaging tone and unique insight.

Peggy-Ann Clarck holds the position of president at Raeger. In 2012, she experienced a strong sense of vocation towards this ministry. Due to herdetermination, devotion, and diligent efforts, Raeger has experienced significant growth in her business. In 2011, she had only four clients, whereas in 2023, she has successfully expanded her client base to two hundred and seventy. Similarly, her business has expanded from a single location to nine, and her workforce has grown from eight employees to one hundred and eighty. Peggy-Ann is a specialist in public administration. She pursued her education at Erasmus University and held two consecutive terms as a city council member in Zoetermeer. Years ago, she was motivated to create this book. Peggy-Ann is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Public Administration program at Capella University with the intention of graduating by 2025.

Dit boek is de Engelse vertaling van Autisme - vergeet de ouders niet


Autism: Let's not forget the parents!
(onder auspiciën van Raeger autismecentrum)
Peggy-Ann Clarck  

ISBN 9789085603139 | E-ISBN 9789461540690 | 160 pagina's | Paperback | 1e druk, 2024

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